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The Museum of Other Realities

(Museum of Other Realities, 2020, MOR Museum Inc, Available on Steam and Oculus)

The Museum of Other Realities is a virtual exhibition hall that exhibits immersive art by the best VR artists in the world. Also known as MOR, this space is filled with artists and guests once or twice a month on the days of new exhibitions and testing of private beta updates. During this visit, my main focus was to capture photos using the app's adorable Spielberg gestures (pictures of the gestures below). Still images have a lot of depth and movement, so I'd like to give some time to include gifs and videos in future visits.

When you log in, you're presented with a helpful 3D map. People on the second story are depicted as being higher off the table's surface. The map is useful for rapidly catching up with friends and knowing who else is in the museum at any given time.

Avatars are straightforward and may be modified using a primary and secondary color scheme. The secondary color, together with the direction of the name plate, provides a strong indication of where someone is focusing their attention.

A crowd gathered around the artist of these pieces @JohnOrionYoung who was discussing how they were sold and could be tracked via the Etherium blockchain. At the time of this photo it appears the JOYbot piece was worth 2.25 ETH / 950.72 USD. People also have an info icon by their name when you direct your gaze at them. You can then expand this into a bio and contact info on the person if they have set one, which was super useful for starting conversations or seeing who had created what exhibits.

Teleporting onto the back of one of the beasts will start an epic music track :) Exhibit by @NickTheLadd.

This piece by @DannyBittman feels about the size of a large table as you approach. Then, you teleport into it…

This 'teleport to scale' ability is used to great advantage in many pieces in the MOR. It transforms the area into a portal to a variety of various experiences rather than just a single space with multiple displays. Transitions between scales are smooth, and larger avatars occasionally loom over you as they approach the sculpture.

Thanks to @vladstorm_ for hopping into this shot to provide scale, and possibly dabbing on the mystical forest orb.

A good side view of the magenta piece on the left that someone is about to teleport into.

This was the first piece I teleported into on one of my previous visits. A friend and I ended up finding a cabin after some time exploring the immense winter landscape. We were shocked when we walked through the cabin door and found it held a good amount of detail on the inside as well, including a fire place. More info on the piece by @lizaledwards here:

You can take photos in the MOR by making a framing gesture with your hands, similar to how a director composes images on a movie set. There was also a runway display (by @FlashBunny) where you could stand in a costume for a certain amount of time before wearing it throughout the museum. The flower outfit was my choice.

A piece by @samluckart that preserves the memory of her grandparent’s chalet where she would visit them growing up. Once you teleport in, there is background / ambient audio that was culled from footage Sam's family had taken during their time in the house. It did a terrific job of bringing the area to life and allowing you to visualize all of the wonderful memories associated with the site.

It was a pretty fun experience to see spaces in Virtual Reality on an Artistic Front.


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