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These are the projects that are made during my time completing my Bachelor's in Art for Game Design. 


Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Aviroop Roy | Vinay Kumar Sharma | Abhimanyu Chattopadhyay | Dhruv Jalgaonkar | Anushka Karmakar | Rahul Chandwani | Saiyam Grover | Saurabh Palliyil

Harano: What was Lost

Walking Simulator | Puzzle - Adventure 

Panipat is an adventure game based on the lives of two people. The game is designed to be a parallel journey between Babur and Ananya; the former was The First Mughal Emperor of India while the latter is the daughter of a renowned archaeologist. Overwhelmed by the death of her father, she is stricken by the desire to find her father’s killer. Her father’s obsession with the Mughal empire led her to find a set of clues that would lead her through Babur’s life and later to the real reason for his death. The game focuses on the father-daughter relationship and showcases her father as the central point for the connection between Babur and Ananya. All while we experience the important decisions made by Babur which paved the way for the rise of the Mughal Empire in India.



The inspiration for this was mostly Nintendo games, specifically the new Zelda. 

While designing things like inventory it was important to make sure that the controls for it are intuitive and realistic in terms of behavior. Also, it was important to make sure it was ergonomically correct with both Keyboard and Controller. The Journal was inspired by games like Uncharted and RDR 2. It gave the player a sense of progression.


My inspiration for this was The Room, Uncharted, and a few other puzzle games. 

The only thing I had in my mind while designing these levels was to keep them easy and every puzzle had to be easily accessible. 

The house layout was also taken into consideration while designing these puzzles/ levels. The house layout itself was kept realistic to make everything inside the house proportionate.


The inspiration for both level and puzzle design had the same inspirations. One of the most important factors was to make puzzles realistic and believable to the mood and setting of our game.​

The had to be easy to locate but still a bit tricky to understand. Also, tried to make sure that all the puzzles were always in the player's eyesight. In the end, I wanted to deliver an experience to the player.

Steam | Discord - bhu_vi #0054

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Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Thaman Cariyappa | Vladimer Ravichandran

Rahul Chandwani | Saiyam Grover | Saurabh Palliyil

Factory Hazard

2D - Platformer | Metroidvenia

The world has been taken over by a Rogue AI, hiding in the depths of a broken factory. The main character "CHIP" is a curious, rebellious kid who ends up in the midst of a world going through dystopian evolution. The kid finds himself in the old, broken factory and the only way is through the lion's den. Chip meets the genius behind this evolution, who is trying to fix his mistakes. Together both of them go on a journey to stop this evil that has taken over mankind. This journey is filled with danger and revealing facts about changes in the two worlds.



The secondary AI gave us the liberty to lock areas and unravel story elements in parts. 

The game consists of a central HUB that connects all of the factory. The levels were designed in a way that it resembled its cause in the real world. 

The two worlds are distinct from each other. One is a harmless world with revealing facts and the second is a more lethal area. This showcases that as the player gets closer to the evil AI, it gets more dangerous.


The game was set to be in a dystopian setting. But along the journey, it fused with a cyberpunk style in a semi-futuristic world.

We also decided on a secondary AI character to go along with our main character. This also gave us freedom with our level design. 

There was a heavy focus on narrative storytelling. Our main aim was to show the difference between the two worlds via our visuals, which we achieved.

Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Thaman Cariyappa | Vishrut Vekeria

Nikhil Kedige | Saurabh Palliyil


Visual Novel | Mystery

The story of a Police Detective who finds a case that takes him on a twisted journey. The decisions he makes will determine others' fates. The story focuses on Officer Max's journey as a young and new police detective. The game branches out creating multiple outcomes at the end. The player must find clues and interrogate suspects to uncover the mystery.
The game is a Visual Novel with hidden object type gameplay giving the player more choices to approach a situation in the game. 



My task was to make sure that the branching that we had created worked inside the game. Tyranno Builder was a good choice of software as it had visual scripting in it. This worked as an advantage for us so that we could deliver on time. I had to physically code a few parts of our game since Tyranno Builder lacked a few functionalities. 


We wanted to deliver a game that could have multiple ends, each with its own decisions and consequences. We delivered this by following a divergence and convergence type branching. One of the key elements we used to make an engaging experience was the use of hidden element gameplay, by using that we also achieved a distinct game of choices. 

Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Anirudh Dagar | Vladimer Ravichandran Satyam Panday

Saurabh Sonawane | Sukhpreet Singh


2D - Fighting | Action | Arcade

A one versus one fighting game where the player must use the environment to deal with damage to the player. There is no way to directly deal damage to your opponents. The player has a gun that can only damage the objects in the environment but be careful the ammo is limited and scarce. 


Demon Time

2D Top-Down | Dungeon Crawler | Zelda-Like

A single level that showcases every aspect of a Zelda-Like Game. We were instructed to use royalty-free assets to deliver the level. 

The game is about a player trying to escape a cave filled with demons. He must find the three keys to unlock the door but these keys are guarded by demons lurking in the darkness of the cave.​


Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Vinay Kumar Sharma

Roll A Ball

3D - Platformer 

We received an engine and were instructed to use Unity's ProBuilder to make levels. Our idea was to create up to three levels with a certain environment. The levels also progressed according to this environment.



2D - Platformer | Co - Op 

The game is about two robots controlled by two players playing together to complete a testing program. The players have to solve a few tutorial levels which teach the basics of the game. The real challenge begins after the tutorial. Both players must coordinate with each other to complete multiple levels. The game is a Two-Player Side-Scrolling Split Screen game made on Construct 2 made for global game jam held in our college.


Bhuvanesh Tekavade | Yash Juthani



Play as Wisdom 07, a spaceship that wonders the deep ends of space. Its mission is to destroy Nemesis, an evil spaceship controlled by aliens. The player must make his way to Nemesis while destroying his defense system. 

The game is a Shoot Em'Up 2D Side-Scrolling game with a strong focus on Level/ Enemy/ Boss Design. Play through three levels before the final face-off with Nemesis.


Portal 2 - Custom

Portal 2 | Custom Map | Level Design

We were given a chance to work on a very famous puzzle game; Portal 2. My idea for these levels was to make a level that both pro and rookie players would enjoy. I designed the level in a way where it was easy for rookies but at the same time was fun for a professional player speedrun.


Warcraft 3 - LD

Warcraft 3 | Level Builder

The game takes place after the 2nd war between Humans and the Orcs. After sealing the portal through which the Orcs entered the Human Realm, a castle was a built to protect it, Nethergarde. 
You play as 2nd Commander of Nethergarde, Edger Luxford who has a vision of the portal reactivating. It's not long before this nightmare turns into reality. It's up to save your fellow comrades and stop the orc invasion.


EXTRAS . . . . 

Physical Games . . . .


Gamebook | Murder Mystery

The game is set in the present time of Las Vegas, USA. The shipyard is the place where it all begins. A dead body is found in the shipyard with a strange symbol and the game begins. The player has to move through different locations to solve the mystery. The player must make crucial decisions that will lead to the killer. 



One Paper RPG

This is a Medieval Fantasy game, where you make your destiny. The game takes place on a distant island where prehistoric creatures live. 

The four players play as treasure hunter and one is the game master. As the master proceeds the game, the players are standing in front of a burned village. They have no clue who burnt it or how it happened. All they can do is explore the land and search for the unknown treasure.


Rail Roads

Board Game

My constraints were to make a board game based on Railways. I wanted to make a game was based in India specifically Mumbai. The game lets the players make their own route on the Mumbai Railway Line. The player has to not only manage the placement of the Rails but also has to look after their economy. It is a 6-Player game. This game is inspired from Catan.


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